Sunday, 28 February 2010

I'm not a Mtt player and March Goals!

First of all last night i took a break from PLO cash and decided to play some mtt's to see if i could maybe boost my little roll with a decent score, I played both the early doubles ($5 buyin) a $8 180 and the $5 PLO rebuy, safe to say my bankroll didnt improve, i really dont know how full time internet pros play Mtt's it must be soul destroying, hours of work for a suckout to crush you and no money return, it would drive me bonkers! I dont mind them every now and again for a change but living off them or even just playing them as your only poker game is just not my cup of tea. $5 PLO rebuy was just a donkfest and i won't be playing that again ever, the 2 early's i busted out KK into AA, and Ak into AA on a Ak board both near the halfway stage, the $8 i finished 21st (18 paid) whan AK lost to JJ - Oh well i may make Sat night a regular Mtt night just for a change from PLO!

MARCH GOALS - Are basically to keep on with my schedule as its working great, and i'm enjoying my poker more than ever (maybe cos i'm winning!) If i'm still making profit 4 tabling by mid march i will be jumping up another 2 tables and trying to play them succesfully. Main goal for March is to earn Iron Man status - Gold Status should be fairly easy with my schedule, not 100% sure of the benefits but lets give it a go!

Not playing poker today as off to the pub to hopefully watch Villa beat Scum Utd, as a avid Liverpool fan it would certainly be a nice end to a good week (minus Iphone disaster!)

Her pic helped me with a quick wining session so i've superstitiously put up another to help me for March!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Poker, Pub lunch and Iphone bad beat!

My super hot streak has cooled the last 2 sessions with me only grinding a $10 profit since last post +$20 from my FTP bonus..........guess its still not a loss and i did lose two large pots to a 1 outer and a 3 outer, if they had held it would of been two $80 odd pots each, sigh nevermind!

Today with the wife away in York on a hen night, i decided to take my two girls to a pub lunch (14yr old and a 3yr old.) We decided to walk as it was a pretty nice day for once, meal was decent and not to shabby for £20 for the 3 of us. Did the usual exit strategy when walking by checking if the 3yr old needed the toilet as it was 15 min walk home, she declined and we set off. We get halfway home and then the little one says she needed the toilet.......dam, ok we'll get a wiggle on and be home fast, 500 yrds from house shes really busting, so i pick her up and get my march on, only to get 100 yrds from the house and feel a warm sensation down my right side........f'n great, she's soaked, my rightside of my coat and jeans is dripping piss through! Get home sort her out, change and empty my pockets, luckily wallet was in my left pocket, dont fancy eating my chewy now which was in my right pocket, pull my Iphone out and thats dripping wet also, remove it from case and its fecked, screen totally blank, nothing i can do with it, tried ringing it on house phone it rings and vibrates but screen just totally blank, and when i connect it to the comp , itunes doesnt pick it up - f'n great!!!!! Most of my Biz stuff is on that phone so i'm totally fecked to it either fixes itself or i get a replacement.

Hope its the only bad beat on the day!!!
Not sure on all the tat's but i'm guessing she's likely to be a 11-12yrs old first attempt of cracking one out after watching Transformers 1 or 2!

UPDATE! Megan Fox worked a treat just won 6 buyins in a mad 30 mins, phone still fecked though!!

Friday, 26 February 2010

Is this how all the Internet Phenomenoms started?

Super hot streak continues on Full Tilt, i cant put a foot wrong and i'm convinced i'm playing the best PLO in my life, also having a massive luck streak too. New schedule is working great, the 2 hour sessions keep me alert the whole time and i'm guessing its another major factor why i'm doing well above expectations. last nights 2 hour session did get extended to around 5hrs only cos i had the most massive cod head on 2 of my 4 tables and he was determined to donate to me with trash. So 2 days ago i started on FTP with my $1k roll and now after the most amazing heater i'm sat on $2,011 after this afternoon session made it 6 sessions in a row where i have scored more than 4 buyins (long may it continue.) I used to think Powerpoker had the biggest fish on the plo tables but now i'm sure FTP has a huge ocean of cod heads ready to donate to me! I'm wondering if this is how the internet phenomenoms (feck know's if this is spelt right!) started and will i be playing Ivey on his tables in a few months time (lol as if!) Who cares really aslong as i'm winning, not neglecting family or business, and most importantly playing with money i can afford to lose. I wont be jumping upto to PLO50 until i have hit $4k bankroll - also working my way through a nice $400 bonus of them fine guys at FTP, the best site in the whole wide poker world (should keep my streak going a little longer with that arse kiss!)

I'm a totally suspicious guy so i'll keep adding a hot celeb i'd love to rump, on the end of my posts to also prolong the winning run!

Aye Curumba i've never seen any Spanish chicks like this in Benidorm!!!!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ran Golden!!!!

First session of my new schedule i'm trialing for 1 month on Tilt and i ran golden, everything i did resulted in me earning $$$$$'s, i couldn't do anything wrong, when i was ahead i stayed ahead, when i chased i always caught my outs, when i was miles in front or had the stone called nuts i was reraised all in. Poker is sweet when you run that good, its quickly wipes all the bad variance away in a flash, but i'm sure when it turns again, you'll all be reading a whining post! In my 2 hour session i walked away with a 12 buyin upswing for a nice $300 at PLO25 4 tabling, didnt think i played that well to be honest but with my luck i didnt really need to. Have to say Tilt hosts a mighty wild PLO game even at my low fishy level, 2 pair is the nuts to 80% of the fish espcially the mad Russians. A nice start to my trial and hopefully i'll continue running hot........speaking of hot, found this old pic..........sweet!!!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lol here we go again!
No i havent gone busto already (not even i am that bad!)
After just 2 days back on Powerpoker the games and action is just not there, even though i've made around $90 in short sessions the waiting of games is slow and annoying, and also they have removed my mian deposit methood from the site (long story, but i use Ukash to deposit my poker funds) so to get my full roll on to Power would mean a lot of hassle or paying neteller 6.5% to convert my Ukash vouchers which is obviously a no go!
So heres my new plan and schedule (lol i change so often)
Trial run of 1 month on Full Tilt, playing 10/25c PLO 3/4 tables at a time.
2 hours in the morning before work
2 hours after work
2 hours before bed.

As said above 1 month trial - Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Joys of playing tilting swedish spewtards!!!!

Arrogant Play

So today marked the return of me to the cyber felt, with a actual deposit! Tried to deposit on Stars but found i was still self excluded from the site for another 2 months LOL, thats the end of that idea. Tried Full Tilt and 10 mins into 2 mtt's i was bored stupid, so i've cashed out and jumped to my old faithfull PowerPoker!
Suppose after 4 months away from the game it will take a little while to get used to playing again espcially in such a active game as PLO, but i found my main problem was being far too arrogant, thinking because i used to make steady money at that level, i'd be able to jump back into that mode and profit no matter what starting hands i played, regarding the whole opposition as fish was another big mistake. I need to get back to my old game and spot the fish, more importantly spot the rocks and take things slowly, i can't expect to return and start crushing from the off, its gonna take time to get my game back!
After saying all that i was pretty happy to only finish $20 down for the 2hr session i played this afternoon, espcially as didnt run too hot and all the above poker mentality.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Choice of game?????

I have my roll sat in my neteller account, unsure where to deposit and what to play, but i know i'm itching to play and from past experiences when i'm in this mood i always play bad and spewy, so i'll keep considering what i want to play. I'm 90% sure it will be low stakes PLO but also want a bash at mtt's or 90/180 man sng's but i guess my roll is way to small to spread over two i just dont know! Playing 180's would mean returning to Stars and that site f'n hates me big time so maybe thats not a option! Maybe a few attempts at hitting a decent mtt payout maybe the option before returning to grind the cash games, feck rambling now, what a junk post......advice needed plz!!!!!!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After several months sorting life shizz out ( house build and working on business to pay for said house build) i'm making my much needed return to the cyber felt.......... i can see all the low level fish quaking already!!!! I've only played twice since my last post and that was around Christmas time, both mtt's both freerolls or free money, and of course i took them both down without a sweat always the case when ur free rolling and no pressure (or in my opinion the sites trying to entice you back!) One was a gold card freeroll on Powerpoker for $400 + change and the other some £11 thingy on Sky poker for £500+ , both times i just withdrew the money as i didnt want the distraction of poker in the busiest time of my life!
So here i am again, starting again with $1000 and most probably going to hit the low stakes plo on Powerpoker, and also a few mtts!

As i fore warning to all the low level PLO fish on PowerPoker - I'm Back and i run the town!!!!