Monday, 17 October 2011

Car crash of a Sunday!

My normal Sundays are spent with friends in our local social club, this week i really wanted to grind and try win some money and earn some rakeback, wished i had gone out now and got pissed. Played maybe 4-5 hr session on the afternoon and got poker raped, nothing work, no big hands held up, one draw hit giving me the flush against a set of aces, river gave him the full house, plus various other crap......sigh. Ended up dropping £60, which totally pissed me of big time. Reflecting back it was only 4 buyins, but at the time it seemed like thousands, i cashed out my roll enabling me to take a break from the game, the rest of the Sunday. To be honest i'm not loving Ipoker at all, i've played 12k hands on there, the software is shit, the rakeback (52%) is very little, so i dunno if i'll redeposit on there, may try Stars again or maybe Party, not sure, got a day to decide while i wait for my deposit to turn up. Loads of people seem to play Stars for the obvious reasons, but alot seem to do without the rakeback sites like Ipoker offer, surely there must be some decent returns for someone who 8-9 tables and puts in 20+ playing hours a week? If anyone reading this blog and can help let me know please!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Very little volume

Hardly played due to several reasons listed below:-
Baby daughters 1st birthday on Friday, cba to play on the night
Computer decided to blow itself up, resulting in me restoring it back to factory settings, spent the most of Saturday fixing it, restoring all my data and stuff, then chilled watching TV.

Since computer got fixed i decided to trial Pokertracker (never ever manged to get it working before, thankfully i did this time!) Trialed it seeing if it would pick up my hand history on Ipoker, which it did thankfully, played a little tester at 1 am to see if it worked properly, shame i lost all my previous HH pre computer crash, oh well i guess its better than PTR for tracking my data.
670ish hands played tonight against the drunks, need to get on with this grinding if i'm ever going to make NL50, may stay in tomorrow and grind all day when the house is peacefull, here's my tester session graph!

Friday, 14 October 2011

More grind

Struggling to fit in the volume i'd like to at the minute, family and my business taking up alot of time.......sigh.
3 hour session tonight playing 2.2k worth of hands for a buyin and a half profit........double sigh, out of the 3 hours i think i only got Aces twice, and hardly made money from them, nevermind any other big pairs, biggest pot i won was with K9hh when i flopped a flush against trip Jacks.
Longest session i've played 8 tabling since i started this 'another' attempt at poker, must be the first time i've ever played poker when i haven't tilted or tried win losses back by playing stupid higher limits, long may this composure continue!
So halfway through the week, heres the update:-
7k hands played
bb/100 = 2.9
Profit +£80

Guess i got to be happy so far, you think playing 8 tables you should be rolling in winnings but i guess your missing out on lots of spots to actually make money, might loosen up a little and see if the actual winnings improve, if it dont work can always return to my nit strategy.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Setting myself a challenge for the rest of this month:-
Play 20k hands this month at NL20
Show some profit from actual playing
Become totally comfortable 8 tabling

Should be all achievable, so far played 5.4k hands in the last 3 days, and still up 5 buyins.

Still waiting for week 1 of this months rakeback payment to be paid - sigh will it ever turn up, affiliate who set it up and Betmost support friggin pretty sucky, i'll give it a bit longer before i look for another deal!

EDIT - PTR not recording hands played properly so god knows where i am tonight played a hour and half session and PTR recorded only 400 hands, which utter jibberish, should really purchase HM or Tracker, so go knows where my hand total is now, also showed i lost $14 when i actually won a whopping £5, Big Mac meal on me!!!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Trying to be a grinder!

So since my last post i've failed at trying to 4 table PLO, could never beat the fish or maybe i was the fish, who knows, who cares, just know PLO is not my game anymore! So i'm trying to multi table (7-9 tables) NL20 on Ipoker with 52% rakeback, so at the minute aiming to be break even and try boost the old roll by bonuses and rakeback, not sure on what my approx hourly rate will be for rakeback, but i'm guessing its low, as i'm playing a real nitty game, also trying to clear a bonus on there too! At the minute the swings are small compared to PLO, and i can handle the beats, when they come along. Started this little attempt at making poker a money earner on Saturday, i've played 3k in hands in real small hourly sessions, and made $60 profit, due some rakeback payment tomorrow from when i was playing PLO so may boost the roll a little more.
Going to keep on doing this strategy for a week and see what rakeback i get from it, hopefully should be a ok sum, if not i dont know where i'll go from here pokerwise, really need a focus or some advice!