Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Setting myself a challenge for the rest of this month:-
Play 20k hands this month at NL20
Show some profit from actual playing
Become totally comfortable 8 tabling

Should be all achievable, so far played 5.4k hands in the last 3 days, and still up 5 buyins.

Still waiting for week 1 of this months rakeback payment to be paid - sigh will it ever turn up, affiliate who set it up and Betmost support friggin pretty sucky, i'll give it a bit longer before i look for another deal!

EDIT - PTR not recording hands played properly so god knows where i am tonight played a hour and half session and PTR recorded only 400 hands, which utter jibberish, should really purchase HM or Tracker, so go knows where my hand total is now, also showed i lost $14 when i actually won a whopping £5, Big Mac meal on me!!!

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  1. I play on there, can't remember getting my RB last week, I think it usually goes in on a Sunday. They have usually been very good though in paying it. Betmost support are awful, I once emailed them twice and never even got a reply.