Monday, 10 October 2011

Trying to be a grinder!

So since my last post i've failed at trying to 4 table PLO, could never beat the fish or maybe i was the fish, who knows, who cares, just know PLO is not my game anymore! So i'm trying to multi table (7-9 tables) NL20 on Ipoker with 52% rakeback, so at the minute aiming to be break even and try boost the old roll by bonuses and rakeback, not sure on what my approx hourly rate will be for rakeback, but i'm guessing its low, as i'm playing a real nitty game, also trying to clear a bonus on there too! At the minute the swings are small compared to PLO, and i can handle the beats, when they come along. Started this little attempt at making poker a money earner on Saturday, i've played 3k in hands in real small hourly sessions, and made $60 profit, due some rakeback payment tomorrow from when i was playing PLO so may boost the roll a little more.
Going to keep on doing this strategy for a week and see what rakeback i get from it, hopefully should be a ok sum, if not i dont know where i'll go from here pokerwise, really need a focus or some advice!

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