Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The run continues.........feel like quitting!

Hate runs and in fact poker when its like this, pretty much pointless, was at one point close to quitting again for another few months, till i checked HEM and reaffirmed to myself i can win and the hands i was losing with i was getting my money in good! I can't beat the euro donks just not the software at the minute, got to keep focus and keep battling. Volume wise i've surpassed last weeks hands easily and may even double it if i keep on grinding, its just a shame i can't repeat last weeks winnings, as the cash would be handy! Not sure what to spend my whopping $14 profit on this week, maybe a paper, some bread and milk............what a balla lifestyle!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

More volume but struggling!

Well i've increased my volume and have done two thirds of what i managed all last week but the results have been woefull, variance is really against me. Started off the week dropping 4 buyins and have been struggling to make them back ever since, finally breaking into profit in a hit and run shot at PLO200 when sat in half stacked, and doubled up after maybe 30 or 40 hands when i hit a set of 7's and didnt belive the aggro push with 4 clubs on the board, Euro donk had absolute air as expected. At my normal level of PLO25 i'm really struggling big time, as i said its variance that is killing me, and i know i can beat the level easily, just need some hands to hold and i'll take down a decent session soon. Euro donks with their 2 pair etc are the fools that are killing me, they just won't let go, and always seem to get there. After each session i've been studying my hands were i've lost big and apart from a few spews i've done very little wrong, liking HEM alot and i believe the $140 outlay is worth it for the end of session analysis, also good to track that i am a actual winner at the level i play, keeps me motivated and mentally strong!
Another Hitler parody takien from 2+2

Monday, 17 May 2010

Lazy Bones

Decent result i guess for the sheer lack of hands, had no real desire to play last week at all, including not even switching on the computer once over the weekend. Don't think i ran particularly hot just steady away with a few up and down swings, must try to increase the grind this week!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Holdem Manager

Whilst i have been waiting for my 48hrs to pass so i can withdraw my roll from Red Star, i decided to take a look at a few sites and tools that may help my game. I looked at various training sites like Cardrunners and Leggo, and i found most video's for PLO were directed at stakes far higher than the ones i play, and i don't see how their hand analysis would help me against the euro spews at the low grunt level i play, so i don't see any point purchasing a training package, then i took a look at Holdem Manager and downloaded the 15 day trial, after a while updating my old computer with Microsoft service packages etc, i finally got it to work, and after another incredibly long time downloading hands into it i finally got some data, and its nice to see i'm actually a winning player on Ongame, and its encouraged me to redeposit on there and atleast complete this month 100k rake race (+$8k race from rakeback provider.) As pointed out by Yorkshire Pud on my last post comments, yes the software ain't great (got kind of used to it) and yes its definitely full of Euro tards, but thats what i want, and the quality of player makes up for the lack of rakeback, and the juicy games keep it more interesting than playing $1-2 average pots of other sites. I feel PLO25 on Ongame plays like very weak PLO50 on others and the $10+ pots are the norm, i can earn a decent sum without having to have the PLO50 bankroll ........if that makes sense? Anyway heres my graphs from Ongame :-

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Plan foiled!

Well i removed my roll from Betsafe and deposited on Red Star Poker, only to receive a email this morning saying because i have a rakeback account on Powerpoker i can't have one on Red dam. One thing i did notice last night playing Cake again is how tight the games are at PLO20 you've got average pots on $1-2 when the average on Ongame is $4-6 at PLO25 sometimes higher, i may just stick to Ongame with my roll and grind the low stuff with 80+ buyins. I now have to wait another 30 hours before i can remove my roll from Red Star and deposit elsewhere! Boring post as always but there you go!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Operation Break Even - COMPLETE

My time on Betsafe has come to end, with me succesfully completing Operation Break Even, and actually surpassing it by $240. So i have cashed out my $2240 roll and have it safely sat in Neteller and will be moving it to Cake network and trying to complete another deposit bonus. I eventually got quite used to the crazy fish on Ongame and i'm hoping i'll be able to adapt back to how the Cake players play, who knows one day i may return to playing on Ongame, but at the minute the rakeback is pretty low on there, basically a third of what i can achieve on Cake. I haven't topped up my bankroll and i'm looking to make my $2k deposit on Cake grow to a decent figure and remove some winnings every now and again. Hope i run good!
Betsafe Results:-
22/4/10 Deposit $450
10/5/10 Withdrawn $2240
Profits : $1790

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Get in there you Cockney twats!

The team i hate 2nd of most after Man Utd have won me £980 ($1400+) with them, Newcastle, Norwich/Leeds e/w bet and Notts County winning there respective leagues.................GET IN! Money won't be used for poker or anything online at all, just going to enjoy it spending on fine food, drink and other unimportant stuff! Just had a quick game of PLO25 winning $40 before realising i'm far too drunk to play!
Night night and sweet dreams!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Operation: Break Even

After the spin up on 5/5 the other day turning $500 into $1700 and another $400 sat in neteller, plus $120 won yesterday, my roll stands at $2220, and i'm 5% away from completing my $500 Betsafe deposit bonus, which would give me over the $2500 bankroll (if i stay break even till bonus is cleared) i was going to have without actually topping up like i was planning, which is obviously very pleasing, so thats my plan to play break even poker till my bonus is cleared, i'll be very happy to leave Betsafe with $2500 espcially since i only deposited $450 on the 22/4/10 after a disastrous tilt monkey spew at 2/4 on Powerpoker. Then i have a decision to make do i still actually top bankroll up from March's excellent month or not?
Once my bonus is clear i will be moving back to a cake skin and trying to clear another $500 bonus, then i'll jump to another skin and do the same, then will decide where i go from there depending on bankroll, would like to hop around sites for maybe a few months clearing bonuses and try boost the bankroll that way. If i top up i'll be looking at a $5k roll so will be able to play PLO50 full time, and would be looking at trying to reach the 10k roll target by the end of the year, and thus hit my goal to play PLO100 permantly and with a safe bankroll. Or i can just keep on plodding along and see where i get, hard to decide but i still havent touched any of March's $5k winnings so i could infact reload and have a bankroll of $7.5k+, but i'd like something to show from all these poker hours i've been putting in, but on the other hand, its a hobby i love which actually costs me nothing to do and actually earns me cash when i dont tilt it off!
GL at the tables!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bad to Good!

Now i'm not proud of myself so this isn't a brag post!

I've ran like shit at PLO25 on Ongame the last day and a half, and when i say shit i mean real shit, 14 times i've had AA double suited or with connectors all in preflop and i've lost every single one, to utter garbage like Q863 (that was the last one that broke the camels back!) Also seemed to be getting rivered alot aswell when the fish can't fold there J high flush or even their AAxx when i have trips or 2 pair plus a draw. Having sessions like that can really destroy your soul and makes you wonder if this game is worth playing at all. So after another abysmal session this morning, i find myself enraged with the world, i'm banging doors, shouting at the dog, i even made the daughter have a bath (which she hates!) even though she had one last night, anything to try and relieve this whole i was stuck in. So after the bath, i decided to sod Betsafe off even though i have 10% to go to clear my $500 bonus, so i withdraw all my roll apart from $500 and decide to vent some steam and play absolutely donkey PLO on a 5/5 without a care in the world if i bust the god dam lot. 30 minutes later i find my self sat with $1200 and i've ran like god, why do i always run super hot at stakes i'm not rolled for and crap at the ones i am, i got my stack in with the nut flush draw (As,2s,KcQc) on a 10s 8s 4s against a wrap, i hit a King on the turn and take down a $900 pot, i limp on the button with Ah,As,4h,6s flop is 3h,5h,10s,8c i half pot it get one caller, turn is blank, and its checked, river 9h and i get paid $300 with a guy holding str and King high flush. Its weird how i run so good at large stakes, i just can't work it out, is it massive luck or maybe because i'm playing 1 table loose i'm getting paid off when i hit my big hands, i just don't know, everytime i tilt up monkey spew at rediculous stakes i always seem to come good. So the $750 odd profit has wiped all my losses away at PLO25 and i now find myself up around $400 for the week, which is nice, but obviously not the way to do it, but after the run i've been on at PLO25 i'll obviously take it, going to complete the 500 points i need for my Betsafe bonus then decide where to go to next, 75% sure i'm leaving Ongame, but a big thanks to Henrik at their online support who obviously turned the BOOOOOOM button on for my account, after i asked for details of Ongames RNG system and verbally abused him, LOL what a dick i am when i'm fuming!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

She worked last time...................

Me being a superstitious twat like i am, have posted another pic of my fav babe Kim Kardashian again hoping she will give me a little mini heater like last time............i friggin need it!
May so far has been as horrible as April, today espcially when the cards did me over big time, continually getting it in good (espcially pre) and losing to two outers, if variance held i'd be flying this month, i dont mind the dumb scandi's thinking that the likes of QQj2 or KK93 rainbow is good against my AAK10 and AAQJ double suits pre espcially when i repopped their repop but when they are dominated it pisses me off when they hit the trips, this has happened like 12 times so far this month and i've had my AA hands hold them maths out for running bad!
Heres my sessions so far this month:-
1/5/10 - 1.5 hours - +$12
2/5/10 - 1 hour - +$4
4/5/10 - 6.5 hours - +$29
and this mornings 1.5 hours for a loss of $48
As for the Wsop ME freeroll i played that i qualified through via Betsafe's top 300 rakers, sadly my AJ SB shove against a continual raiser in the BB was no good against his monster A9 when he flopped trips! and i went in 54th position with 30 paid.
I need a good session to restore my confidence, GL at the tables unless your playing me!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bye Bye April!

Well that was a very tough month, didn't help by tilting off over $700 in one session at $2/4 trying to win back losses at my normal stakes. Been grinding Ongame since that blow up, and didnt run particularly well there for the first week basically being break even, but managed to pull it around this week and end up only $140 down for the month from actual poker playing, but up a massive $33 profit if you include Rakeback and rake race winnings. Really liking Ongame at the minute, espcially now i'm playing alot tighter, and being fairly passive preflop, its dam juicy and you can win some decent money even at PLO25, plenty of games running at most times of the day, so i can keep a steady schedule going. I've also qualified for a WSOP free roll where 32 places out of 320 runners receive a main even package, wish me luck it runs on Tuesday, and i got it free for being one of the top 300 cash rakers on the site.

Goals for May
1) Complete Betsafe $500 deposit bonus
2)No tilt monkey spews at 2/4 etc!
3)Reload bankroll to $2500 for 100 buyins of PLO25, then remove profits when they occur!
4)Try make a profit
5) Win WSOP package from the freeroll (Lol as if!)
GL in May