Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Game Over

Lol end of the road i think, cant even make a profit at DoN's

This is the plan!

A full month of DoN Sng's $10+50c buy ins, aiming to play 100 a week at least, aiming to win 60/100 clearing me a $190 profit a week, i think this is pretty achievable, i have 100 buyins for this experiment, and with them being less volatile and swingy i dont think i'll go broke playing them, looking to play 5 at a time,a couple of hours a night, so thats the plan!!!!

Read a lot of posts on P5 and 2+2 on them, and i think there the best version of poker for me to actually start bankroll building, are they the most interesting - NO, but i really need to concentrate on building my roll, and playing a swingy game of PLO even at low stakes is a struggle even playing 50 buyins. I'm guessing there's peeps who play DoN's full time but alot higher stakes for a living so if my projections/targets are right $190 a week profit is ok for me! If i find i can achieve the 60/100 wins a week i may even not bother adding to the bankroll and just take the $190 a week as a side income!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

October Goals!

After returning to the felt this month and basically having a break even month (not including rakeback which i have removed to treat the family with) i've decided to set myself some goals for next month. My plan is to try and play some DoN's on Power Poker ($10+50c) and see how i run for a entire month playing them, kind of burn't myself out playing PLO and was never really feeling the same or in love with the game as i used to be, weird! So DoN's seem a good idea , to build on my $1k and whatever i make i'll add to this months roll including rakeback (which i guess will be minimal playing Sng's)

Wondering if its actually profitable to play DoN's and if theres any full time grinders out there who play these solely for a living, guessing you need to be putting in crazy amounts and have a decent ROI%, would be interesting to know if anyone else is doing this so please feel free to link articles/blogs (lol thats if i have any readers!)

Goals - Play DoN's for a entire month - and to go from there!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Is anyone reading this?

Just wondering.....................

Friday, 25 September 2009

Downety Uppity!

Today looked like it wasn't going to be a good idea to take the day off work to play the cyber felt, after really being on the bad side of variance at 10c/20c and 25c/50c i was looking at a day with a $140 loss, so decided to sit on a high table and try recover some losses in true tilting/spin up style, so i find myself on a $1/2 table with $40, first hand in the BB and its limped to me with 99,2,3 lol uber junk, the flop comes 99AK lol lovely, even better the SB pumps in a pot bet, meaning i can shove nearly all my stack in, which i do, i sit there patiently waiting for the $560 stacked guy to reraise forcing me to put my last $4's in, i wait and wait, keep waiting, check msn messenger i'm still connected, check lobby, still working, NO THE TABLES FROZE, frantically sit there in bewilderment, suddenly the screen unlocks and i see the pot being pushed to my opponent - NO I TIMED OUT AND DIDNT CALL HIS RERAISE! I mutter absolute crazy shit in the chat, and my opponent says he also timed out just after reraising me all in FML INDEED! Lol now i'm really on tilt i reload this time to the max, i'm ready for war, i can visibly see the end of my poker days and my roll disappearing on this table, as i'm sat there waiting a decent hand i fire off a email to support basically telling them they are C**TS, and that i'm gonna leave there site! The table pops back up showing me a hand of AKQJ double suited - this is the moment its shit or bust, i limp in looking for one of the blinds or button to pot it up, NO its limped round and all 5 villains peel of a flop, AJ2 rainbow - not bad i suppose, its checked to me so i pot it, one villain calls, little stack playing $40+ shoves over the top - ok its worth a call i may have the best hand and if not i have outs, so i flat, call, other villain suddenly pumps in a repot of $90 WTF? has he a monster? The little red tilt devil on my shoulder says call, the little white 'Play safe' Angel says fold, take your losses from here and get away from the computer! The devil wins and i flat, its a blank card for me, so i check, the villain pops the rest of his stack in, now i'm pot committed so shove my remaining $98 in, the small stack has QQxx (lol) the repotting crazy guy playing massive stack has Q,10 xx for a gutshot .......A F'N GUTSHOT LOL, the rivers a blank, and quickly browsing hands to see i aint been sucked out on, only to see the $315 pot be shipped my way.........i quickly get up and leave in true spin up style, check my balance up $110 for the day, get a reply from support at the same time, saying out of good gesture they have refunded me my bet when the screen froze .......LOL up +$147 for the day and back way over my original $1k i started with a couple of weeks ago..........should listen to the little red devil more often!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Just a quickie!

Quick post playing really well at the min, on my total 'A' game, keeping the sessions short and still 3 tables max, loss since start of the blog is only $106 now, alot better than the $400 it was 2 days ago, hopefully i'll break even soon, and be able to use the rakeback as pure profit!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


So its took me a week to realise why i was losing so much at low stakes plo against pathetic opponents playing like complete donks I CAN'T MULTI TABLE to save my life, lol it wasn't even like i was playing 28 tables or something crazy it was only 4, yet still i was missing so much info it was unreal, i've stopped 4 tabling now (in stupid min size windows) and play either 2 6seaters or 1 6 seater and 2 9 seaters, but defo no more than 3 at the max, also opened them right up so their overlapping and it seems to be paying off, recovered $220 back from my $400 losses in a little of 12 hours. Also tightened up a little and trying to control the pot, instead of just blasting every pot i'm in front with - this was the same style i used on Littlewoods and it seems to work a little better against the 2 pair brigade! Rakebacks gonna suffer but whats the point of rakeback if you don't make any profit!

Sunday, 20 September 2009


Dont know where to start really with this post, basically played a lot of hours within the last 24 hrs and i've ran absolutely terrible and now face a loss of $140, i feel demoralised and beat up to be honest, and dont know what to do, i thought the game was beatable at the level of play but i've just totally lost my confidence big time, when i was committing my stack (when ahead 80% of the time) i knew, and had already convinced myself i was going to lose............not a good place to be in. Need a break and advice!!!!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Still running break even!

Still running break even and i'm happy which is bizarre, never before would i felt happy at being just break even, but thats all i have to do to roughly double and half again my bankroll through deposit bonus and rakeback. Was a couple of buyins up early yesterday, but a midnight session saw me play bad and worse still have no luck, so dropped the earlier profit. Liking Power Poker alot, not the best software but find it easy to play four tables at a time, without feeling rushed.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Power Poker

As the heading says thats my new home pokerwise now, lol i think i've changed sites on a daily basis, but i'm 90% sure i'll settle where i am now. I've played on the Cake network (bizarre network name!) before, and never really got going on it, always struggled with PLO on it, but thats before i used bankroll management, lol in PLO cash you never gonna succeed without it. So i've settled on 10c/20c 6 max 4 tabling and found it ok ish, played a 25c/50c table when first deposited and not sure if it was just that table but it was manic, 10/20c i have adjusted to, not sure if higher or the same level as Littlewoods, but i broke evenish after maybe 7 hours play tonight, at least the 33% rakeback and 600 deposit bonus will at least make sure i'm making some profit. So thats basically the idea try and be break even for a few months and just keep adding the $800+ rakeback a month to my bankroll, then go from there!
Also played a deep stack mtt on POWER POKER final tabled it busted out sickly when a flopped set of 7's was no good against Jacks which hit runner runner for a straight, if that had held i was confident of making the top 3 cash for over $100 at least - oh well.
Also cashed out funds in Littlewoods - awaiting the 5 days (lol still can't get over that) to hits neteller!

Swinging and a new place to play!

Last couple of days have been really swingy playing 12c/25c plo on Littlewoods, currently i'm up 5 buyins for the week, but should really be 10+ easy, had some horendous beats, espcially last night when i flopped set of aces 3 times in a row on a rainbow board to get all the money in each time to lose, to quads twice and a straight, dont think i've ever lost to quads 2 hands in a row, suprisingly how often they pop up on the site. Pretty pleased with my game, obviously running really bad but i'm keeping my head and control when i drop 4-5 buyins a session, and always seem to win them and a bit more very late at night!

Bad news is though the sites rakeback or reward scheme is absolutely pants, a real total waste of time, i've played a lot this week mainly due to taking a week off from my business because its always quiet this time of year, so my reward for playing 20 hours so far in 3 days is a paltry $10 in rakeback, lol and you cant collect till u reach a min of $16, plus the cashouts take over 5 business days back to neteller, WTF? So i'll be leaving whats left in my account roughly $280 and depositing the rest of my original $1k roll on to Power Poker (cake network) to receive a $600 sign up bonus and 33% rakeback, which should help make a little money from this game!

Heres hoping for a heater!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Good and bad!

Well i settled back into Littlewoods quite happily and actually made a little profit plo wise despite running shockingly bad, and when i say bad i mean 3 outers were the norm over the last couple of days, the good side is, i never lost my head, never lost control, knew i was playing right and managed to claw back my cash losses and more. The standard is still shockingly bad, or maybe i'm such a nit i'm losing so much equity by only playing the nuts or really strong hands on the river. Also played 3 stt's (2x$5, 1x$10) and again the standard was really really bad, reminded me of Party Poker about 5 years ago, Q10 was a monster for most and any Ace was the nuts preflop espcially in the $5 ones, managed to win one $5, 2nd in the $10 and crashed on the bubble when Ak lost to some fool playing a stack approx the same size of me opened UTG with a push playing Q10 (its the nutzzz dont you know!)

Now the bad part, Littlewoods have cancelled all grand fathered rakeback deals from when they were crypto and switched to 888 network or Paradise whatever its called, so i lose my 30%, they have some gay reward system where the amount of rake you create moves you up to certain bonus levels, basically i'm now silver level (2nd bottom) and get free entry into a 1k gtd weekly freeroll, and also double bonus points of the bottom level which works out as the points you earn can be converted into cash, so far earn't $9 which i'm sure would be less than even FTP's 27% if i had played the same amount of hands. So thats a bit of a bum deal in my eyes, so is either but up with it or move again, feck this poker is a pain in the ass! But thats in the future as i'm more bothered about feeling happy with my poker at the minute.

The challenge mtt's look pretty tasty on Littlewoods also so i will be definitely playing the Monday 25kgtd and the Friday 15k gtd deepstack, either by satting in or playing some stt's to create the buyin, but will definitely be treating myself to the friday $30 once a month at least!

If anyone knows any good rakeback deals for say Ipoker give me a shout and i may take a look!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Change of direction!

After reviewing my games, play and general poker mental state, after decided to switch direction with my $1k roll, so forget my previous goals because theres no way i'll be able to achieve these in new pattern of play. I've removed my entire roll from Full tilt and switched back over to Littlewoods, mainly because Mtt's and sng's aren't really my main game of choice, sitting there for a few hours a night to bust out on the bubble or for a low payout seems like a pretty much waste of time for me, espcially if i only have a window of maybe 4-5hrs to play every night. So the new plan is to play 12c/25c PLO with my entire roll so roughly 40 buyins, with Littlewoods being a lot smaller site it will be easier to find the fish and hopefully make some money, i have a pretty decent record of making cash on Littlewoods (Turned £71 into £3k last year playing the same stakes - which paid for a nice holiday!) and the standard is absolutely shocking and only one or two sharks patrolling the low limts. So the aim is to double my roll and then move up to 25/50c for a bit to see how i run, i've played that level a few times and basically still full of donks!

Also going to try satty into some of the larger challenge mtts like the 25k gtd Monday, and 50k gtd Friday/Saturday and try make some cash mtt wise aswell! Generally feel happy to be back at a site and level i know i can beat, just got to control my anger when the bad runs come and i'll be fine, fingers crossed!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Is Poker fun?

To be honest i dont know where i stand with poker at all, and basically i need to ask myself why i am playing, is it to make money, a test of skill trying to be better than others, or basically a distraction from real life and a fix to my gambling nature..............i cant really answer it but i'm 80% its the later!

Yesterday morning i read a article on how most cash players grind tons of tables aim to play 'break even' poker and live off the rakeback, well i tried 10 tabling PLO 10c/25c for approx 6 hours, finished 3 buyins down but made the same back in rakeback, LOL dont know if i could put up trying to do that, if i did it for a whole month i'd roughly make $1k in rakeback so doubling my roll, not sure if FTP is the site to do it on though, think theres a lot easier sites like Littlewoods so may try it in the future......but we'll see.

Sng/Mtt wise didnt play any at all yesterday and just had a quick 4 games this afternoon, only placing in one. ROI% now down to -30% after finishing 6th in another 90 manner $3's. Guess i need to keep on plodding away, a couple of days into my return and i dont think i'm even gonna achieve my lame goals for Sept, lol i suck at this game!

Wonder if anybody is reading this blog yet?

Answer is probably NO, but at least i can look back in a bit and see my little poker journey!

Footy bets crashed and also didnt win lottery - FML!!!!!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Football Accumulators

All £1 ones, hopefully one will come in this week, as i'm only up £7 on them this season so far!

Villa beat Birmingham,

Fulham beat Everton,

Man City beat Arsenal,

Spurs draw with Scum Utd

WBA beat Plymouth

Charlton beat Southampton

Returns £113.69

Villa beat Birmingham

Fulham draw Everton

Man City draw Arsenal

Spurs draw Scum Turd boys

WBA beat Plymouth

Returns £106.47

Birmingham draw Villa

Fulham draw Everton

Man City draw Arsenal

Cardiff draw Newcastle

Derby draw Sheff Utd

Returns £351.52

If they fail theres always the rollover lottery!

Slowly rolling!

Todays poker has been slightly better, nothing great but steady, after last nights post i played 2 $5 STT's finishing 1st and 3rd and a $5 18man making the money also in 4th, which left me a hefty profit of $17 lol massive, but better than a loss i suppose, now back to tonight.......

Failed pretty bad in a $2 (1r+1a), got a small cash in a $3 mtt 6 seater, which was suprising since i had AA cracked first hand, and was never out of the bottom 10 runners all mtt, busted when just in the money for little profit, but was quite pleased with my patience, my reads and some tasty bluffs i pulled with a short stack. Played 2 more 90 manners ($3) and busted out in one to a absolute donk, but scrapped a 3rd out of the other for $30+, was chip leader with 5 left but had 2 players who's OPR's were absolutely amazing for playing such low levels, and basically they were far better than me and outplayed me all over the place, finally busted with KQh's vs A9, but was again pleased with my approach to the game. Played 2 more $5 STT's but bubbled both finishing 4th.

Played some little PLO again to fulfill bonus requirements, made around $30 in one session then lost some later on in the night, but feeling the standard is not quite as good as i thought it was, so i'll continue grinding a couple of hours of cash to help pay for mtt buyins, or more likely recoup loses. So far up $50 for the week, mammoth i know but its a 5% increase of my roll LOL!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Strange start!

Well i've finally returned to the cyber felt seriuosly with a designated bankroll, set plans, set structure etc etc.....................and after 3 hours i wish i hadnt bothered. For the first time in roughly 3 months i had a set roll, no more deposit and hope i ran epic to be able to continue to play, and on day one i'm questioning myself, my game, my ambition basically everything!

Started off with a few 90 $3.30 KO's and busted out pretty early in all of them when getting my chips in ahead, the worst being limping in with Q4c's to see a lovely QQ4 flop, to see a raiser, reraise, then another reraise, i get my money in with the nuts and i'm facing a flush draw, pocket 4's and Q8, turn kills my delight by placing the only card i would lose to and thats a 8! Also played a 45 manner $5 and got outdrawn again when midway through. Played the Daily Dollar rebuy, running real well, and was upto 20k when some 30k stack called 3xBB raise preflop, pot on a K high flop, and a all in with a gutshot to of course hit. Tried the early A + B but was so wound up i did nothing.

On a brighter note managed a small cash in the $2 rebuy, to make the night not a total waste of time, mtt/sng wise. Tried my hand at some low level PLO (10c/25c) and recovered all but $6 of my mtt/sng buyins so not all bad, signed up for the 2 table mularky and maybe earn a bonus at the end of the month.

So where do i go from here, i guess i'm going to have to give the mtt's/sng's at least a month to see how i do, did actually manage a 35% ROI last month playing the games so i think they're beatable, shame i'm -61% ROI already after one day. Also going to keep stabbing away at low level PLO to help the rakeback and maybe earn some kind of bonus from FTP

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Getting ready for the Off!

Tomorrow is the return to the cyber felt, and i guess i cant wait, spent a hour or so tonight after work, working out what mtt's i can squeeze in each night, theres quite a few little ones i can play 8pm onwards and be finished before daft o'clock in the morning, will see how i fare tomorrow night timewise, but i guess the main play is going to be 90 man KO's and 45 SNG's, should be able to squeeze in a few games maybe 8-10 a night, 4 at a time (cant handle more than that!)

Was considering keeping some roll aside to play on another site, just for mtt's, but aint really looked into it, i know one thing it won't be on Stars as it hates me, and i can't win a thing on the site, also self excluded myself for 180 days a few days back to stop me being merely tempted with the idea, Guess i will have to look around a few sites to see if there's any decent mtt's that fit into my time bracket!

Goinf to set myself some fairly achievable goals for the rest of September, think there easily achieveable so here they are:-

Play 100 Sng's before the end of Sept
Achieve a ROI of above 10% on all games
Make a profit of at least $50

I know there a little lame, but i'm trying to be sensible and progress slowly with my return to the felt, this $1000 has go to last me, and hopefully increase, if i'm going to continue to play poker online!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Hello, and welcome to my newly created blog that will be following by poker journey as i play with my last $1000, once its gone, its gone! I've battled with online poker now on and off for about 4years, sometimes successful, sometimes playing plain stupid. This will be my last shot at enjoying the game, playing sensibly and trying to make a profit! I'll be trying to follow bankroll management and also implement a few tips i've read or been taught by some more experienced guys, hopefully it will be a success, otherwise its time to find a cheaper hobby!

I'll have my entire roll on FULL TILT POKER, and will be playing a mix of Mtt's and Sng's, maybe throw in a little low stakes PLO as i love the game, but not sure i'll be able to handle my tilt moods, so we'll have to see!

So with my $1000 here i go................................