Sunday, 18 October 2009

Weekly Round up!

Here's the round up of how my week has gone pokerwise etc etc!

Target of 15 buyins profit at PLO20 a week was crushed in fine style when i hit my weekly target in a day two days in a row right at the start, since that heater i've been treading water for the last 5 days and managed to grind out a $640 profit over the week, still got a session tonight to play but barring a disaster the 15 buyin target has been met in fine style and i'm pleased! Quite happy how i controlled myself tilt wise when the break even sessions were running bad, not once did i jump up to a higher limit to try rescue the night, just kept plodding away and iron out the variance! Was a few shouts at the monitor and verbal berates in the chat box, but i'm slowly learning to control myself! Poker was good this week!
Also received $10 from Betfair yesterday tempting me back to their site, but i stuck the £6 on the online roulette, choosing my fav N0.23 and its 4 corners for a one time only spin, lol of course it came in giving me a £72 win which has been removed to Neteller - sorry Betfair won't or can't put up with that horrible poker software, but please keep sending me free money to place on 23 whenever you like!

Next week i'll be taking shots at PLO50 as i'm now rolled with 80 buyins for that level, but will be breaking into it slowly, and the $300 profit target remains!

Also going to try increase the healthy living and exercise, LOL think it may be easier to win at PLO50!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Break Even

Break even poker is shit, for the last 36 hours i've ended each session within either a $1 or up, and its doing my friggin head in! Hopefully this whining post will kick start my boom switch and i'll start grinding a profit! After the suckouts i've received i think i'm turning into this guy

Changed screenname might help to go under the radar a little!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I write a post saying how great things are, then of course i've cursed myself and have had the session from hell! Should of just kept my mouth shut. Ran into my one a week sicko hand when i flop full house to yet again lose to a rivered str flush........surprising how many of them i run into and its normally about this time of week! Few other beats to ass clowns who call AAKQds reraise with K368 rainbow and of course win a monster on a board of KK3! Played a satty into the 10k gtd (6 get entry) down to 8 players and i'm 2nd in chips, of course some clown thinks its worth calling 140k pre with KJ against my AQ, same fool knocks me out a few hands later calling my stack with 9,3 off to crush my AK! Life is shit and never will be BALLA!

Happy Days

Life is good at the minute, things are going well on the cyber felt, my BR hit $4k last night, and with a lump of RB at the end of the month i could hit the heady hights of $5k. Still grinding PLO20 but it so god dam profitable i'm loving it, i could move up and do play the odd PLO50 table but i actually make more at the lower level right now. I'm currently staying at parents house full time now, i think this is helping my game alot and i have a little routine which is working well. Also nice to be playing on a PC again and not a lappy, wife and little one still at her in laws, but still see both a plenty and nice to have a break from a crowded house! Lifes pretty 'balla' at parents 3/4 mill £ house, home gym, jacuzzi bath, steam room, tv in bathroom, life is good, and i'm feeling good, in between poker games i'm hitting the treadmill, rowing machine, then the steam room followed by long soak in bath watching sky sports! Shame its going to end in 2 weeks time, gonna have to make the new build like it, the little routine has defo helped me takes the beats and keep my composure on the felt! Still aiming for 15 buyin profit at plo20 a week, actually hit that target in one day yesterday, which was nice! Just ordered a timber frame chalet (large strong well built shed) thats going to be my poker den once the house is finished, nice desk, multi screen system, plasma tv, and enough room left over for treadmill and row machine, peace and quiet away from the house and family BALLA! One day i'd love to be able to live of poker and have the business in the background making sure theres some income coming in no matter how i run, i think the lifestyle would suit me and family down to the ground, need to move up the limits!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Nothing much to write about!

Pointless post really but here goes, i've stopped my staking deal with the Swedish fish after a little over 5 days playing, wasn't particularly enjoying playing with someone elses money, even though i made around $1700 profit, the fish thanked me for at least giving it a try and he let me keep $700 of the profit instead of my 30%, so i've continued at low stakes stuff 10c/20c with the odd 25c/50c thrown in, running well and more importantly on top of my game, probably the best i've ever played PLO, guess it would take a while to get back into it, after a year out of the loop. Bankroll now stands at $3.7k, after not even two months back into it, not bad in my eyes, going to start taking any profits out of the roll now to help pay for Xmas, house build etc...........currently 70 buyins for PLO50 or 185 for PLO20, dont think i'll need to redeposit again, will start adding profits back to roll after Xmas is over and see if i can get playing PLO50 regularly and take shots at PLO100. Should be a decent lump in RB this month, currently aiming for 15 buyins a week profit at PLO20 + RB/Bonus should be nice if i can maintain...........rambling now, gl to all unless your on my table!

Thursday, 8 October 2009


So i've took that staking deal for 50c/$1 PLO on cake, i removed all my own roll back to neteller and have a nice $3.5k sat in there (not bad since only returning with $1k over a month ago) not sure what i'm going to do with it right now, will just see how the staking goes!
I played my first session with the swedish fish's money (good job he dont know i have a blog and calling him a fish) he railed me for about 90% of it whilst also playing some higher stakes himself, i thought it was going to go tits up asfter 3 hands in, i'm dealt KKds and flat two raises before me, both i was told where aggro players, didnt have any notes myself, anyway the flop comes a lovely 2,2,K i check it and one aggro shoves his remaining stack of $70 in, other guy folds, and i love it when he flips his Aces giving the unlucky fool 2 outs, turn Ace FML, reload time. After that hand i basically go on a heater on 3 tables at a time and i finish up around 5hrs later with 12 buyins up, basically i jumped tables once i hit $400, so i earned my backer a nice $800 and myself $400 and around $70 in rb and bonuses for the session. The fish's remarks of how the standard of play at 50c/$1 was spot on, saying 75% of them are complete donks, and it was nice to get a little flying start, were going to revaluate after a week, but i'm 80% certain i can turn a profit at this level. Lets hope it continues, even if i crash and burn i'll still making a nice lump of cash from RB+bonuses if i grind it a whole month!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

2m2mm, PLO and still undecided!

Currently were in the middle of building a house and the family is staying with the 'in-laws' which at times is hard and means i'm using my old lappy on a 3g dongle to surf and play pokes, but the 'olds' have disappeared to the good ol' USA for a month leaving me a free reign of their house, and i have my desk pc set up in one of their spare rooms, last night i decided to crash at theirs leaving the family behind with my wifes 'olds' .........boy was it peacefull, no wife, no 3 yr old, and playing on a pc with sound (lappy's sound died over a year ago!)

Spent the majority of the night watching 2M2MM on poker tube, lol loved it what a insight to a 'balla' lifestyle of a high earning net poker player, really enjoyed it big time, and i guess it helped me to realise that its not all rosey for the latest 'big thing' in internet poker. I would love to get somewhere near to them guys one day, lol i'd love to be able just to grind a living out of poker nevermind get near them! I guess age and family will prevent me from doing so! Excellent show though hopefully catch i'm guessing the last episode soon!

Plo - Continued at my current stakes (as yet still undecided what to do with spin up winnings, or staking offer) Still playing solidly, made 8 buyins and was nice to sit at a proper PC with a mouse and large screen, not just a old lappy that toasts your gonads as you play! The staking offer is still on the table and i railed my potential backer playing a sick session on 2/4, 5/10 and basically wipe the floor with nearly everyone who crossed him, he was 8 tabling on FTP and also 4 tabling on Power, lol guess he makes more in RB than i'd make in a year of actual winnings, ONE DAY, ONE DAY! Lots of peeps i've spoke too said the staking deal is good for me, and i should snap his hand off, not sure though, but it may be a quicker way of getting to the level i want to play at, who knows i may yet make the next series of 2M2MM if i go on a massive heater!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Small Brag

Yesterday afternoon i made $120 playing 10c/20c and was playing well, decided to use the $120 for a spin up, ignoring BRM, but once i felt out of my depth i'd go back to my usual stakes, after 3 hours of spinning up playing first $1/2, $2/4 then $5/10 one table at a time and without using anything apart from the $120 i finished on the $5/10 with $1900, peaked at close to $3k but lost a monster when trip queens rivered the house only to give my opponent quads Jacks - luckily enough he wasnt one of the monster stacks that would of busted me with such a sick beat! 2 hands later i quickly decided to run once the table started getting stupidly wild making me feel out of my depth, so with the $1900 profit +$140 in rb and bonuses it was a incredible day for my little bankroll. I shipped the whole $1900 out of the site, into neteller till i decide what i'm going to do with it, the options being :-
1) Have seperate roll for plo (PowerPoker) and Sng's/Mtts (Full Tilt)
2) Move up to permantly play 25c/50c PLO with 60 buyins
3) Cash out the profits and enjoy!!!!!!!
4) Or take up the offer below

Also whilst playing the $1/2 table a PLO reg offered to stake me for 50c/$1 PLO as he believed i played a solid game, the offer being to stake me 20 buyins ($2k) split profits 70/30 in his favour if any and i keep rb+bonuses, if i was successfull with the 20 buyins for one month he'd bankroll me a full 80 buyins and carry on the same split, and go from there...........still considering it, he's going to coach me at my usual stakes for this upcoming week to see if i have any leaks and then i can decide if to go ahead or not! Apparently the Swedish fish is a reg at $1/2 and above and believes the standard is easier at the $1/2 $2/4 level than it is at under $1 and i kind of agree! A quick calculation on rakeback if i play the same hours as i do now i'll be looking at $2k a month RB, so even if i break even with his 20 buyins i'll still make $2k without risking any of my own money!!! Is this a reasonable deal........i wouldn't have a clue?????

Friday, 2 October 2009

Sorting my head out!

Ok so i've been back playing only a month and i seem to change plans, sites, brainwaves on a daily basis, from mtt's to plo to DoN's to gazing into space looking for inspiration.........its time to give my head a shake! DoN's i'll give a miss for now, playing solely mtt's another miss, so that only leaves me PLO - ok i'm not the greatest player but i've got enough skills to grind stakes under $1/2 just need the roll for it now, i mean i ran shocking last month at plo and still ended up break even and made over $600 in rakeback and bonuses! So i'll guess i'll keep on muddling on with it at low stakes and see how i do, will throw the odd mtt in every now and again!

No targets this month, just keep on going.............and try to keep my head! If anyone else has suggestions shout up!

Received buyins back

After my complaint of colluding on the DoN's i received just over $100 back into my account, not sure if its the correct amount or not but it was a pleasant suprise!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

DoN's, Collusion and Running bad

Well what can i say my aim to make a profit at DoN's failed miserably, cant fault me for volume 31 games in a couple of hours, but running at 3% ROI, and showing a $19 profit its basically pointless! Was running real bad, and the idiots on the cake network took full advantage with suckout after suckout, i.e raise pot with QQ and someone will call with 9,6 off and of course flop 6,6. Also noticed alot of collusion on the afternoon games between 3 particular guys who'd to the most crazy chip dumping to each other when one got short, i.e Villain 1 pushes all in with say 500 chips, villain 2 flats, as does villain 3, flop villain checks, villain 3 will shove with like 4,2 off, villain 2 folds, villain 3 loses to villain 1 who is now back to average chips, this was happening on nearly every table i played yesterday afternoon, same 3 guys, same 3 names, fired off email to support - will see what happens. Made a small profit on a $11 DS Mtt finishing 7th for $30, had a spin up at $1/2 with $40 making $50, tried the DoN's again this afternoon, still running bad.

Not sure what to do/play now any suggestions, move site etc - just dont have a clue how to continue?