Saturday, 3 September 2011

Good August! Hello September!

Playing for only 9 days in a total since i returned mainly at NL£4 turned my deposit of £40 into £530 with a little NL£20 thrown into the mix. So was pretty pleased, to be back playing, making a profit and getting used to the easy grind of 4 tabling NL£20, even with just a smallish roll i feel totally comfortable at the level i'm playing, looking at the long term results rather than just the beats which i'm remarkably handling quite well, unlike when playing PLO were i would berate in the chat box.

So whats up for September?

Well me sticking to Sky Poker didnt last at long (lol) After a little working out and comparison to other sites, it was the worst choice for me to play, for bonuses and rakeback, and action during the day, which to enable a decent bonus/rakeback i need to grind some long hours to help build my roll.

Had a few options but in the end i settled for a ipoker skin (used to hate the site for plo but thats in the past when my state of mind was not correct for poker.) I got a pretty sweet deposit bonus, points for cash system and future reload bonuses, a $3k rake race, and loads of free mtt entries thrown into the deal.

Just played a little session making $20, need to time a 4 table session to work out my average points/hour to work out how many hours a day i need to grind to clear this bonus.

Gl at the tables!