Friday, 14 October 2011

More grind

Struggling to fit in the volume i'd like to at the minute, family and my business taking up alot of time.......sigh.
3 hour session tonight playing 2.2k worth of hands for a buyin and a half profit........double sigh, out of the 3 hours i think i only got Aces twice, and hardly made money from them, nevermind any other big pairs, biggest pot i won was with K9hh when i flopped a flush against trip Jacks.
Longest session i've played 8 tabling since i started this 'another' attempt at poker, must be the first time i've ever played poker when i haven't tilted or tried win losses back by playing stupid higher limits, long may this composure continue!
So halfway through the week, heres the update:-
7k hands played
bb/100 = 2.9
Profit +£80

Guess i got to be happy so far, you think playing 8 tables you should be rolling in winnings but i guess your missing out on lots of spots to actually make money, might loosen up a little and see if the actual winnings improve, if it dont work can always return to my nit strategy.

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