Sunday, 16 October 2011

Very little volume

Hardly played due to several reasons listed below:-
Baby daughters 1st birthday on Friday, cba to play on the night
Computer decided to blow itself up, resulting in me restoring it back to factory settings, spent the most of Saturday fixing it, restoring all my data and stuff, then chilled watching TV.

Since computer got fixed i decided to trial Pokertracker (never ever manged to get it working before, thankfully i did this time!) Trialed it seeing if it would pick up my hand history on Ipoker, which it did thankfully, played a little tester at 1 am to see if it worked properly, shame i lost all my previous HH pre computer crash, oh well i guess its better than PTR for tracking my data.
670ish hands played tonight against the drunks, need to get on with this grinding if i'm ever going to make NL50, may stay in tomorrow and grind all day when the house is peacefull, here's my tester session graph!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday for your daughter! :P
    Bummer with the computer, hope you get back on your grinding schedule again!