Monday, 17 October 2011

Car crash of a Sunday!

My normal Sundays are spent with friends in our local social club, this week i really wanted to grind and try win some money and earn some rakeback, wished i had gone out now and got pissed. Played maybe 4-5 hr session on the afternoon and got poker raped, nothing work, no big hands held up, one draw hit giving me the flush against a set of aces, river gave him the full house, plus various other crap......sigh. Ended up dropping £60, which totally pissed me of big time. Reflecting back it was only 4 buyins, but at the time it seemed like thousands, i cashed out my roll enabling me to take a break from the game, the rest of the Sunday. To be honest i'm not loving Ipoker at all, i've played 12k hands on there, the software is shit, the rakeback (52%) is very little, so i dunno if i'll redeposit on there, may try Stars again or maybe Party, not sure, got a day to decide while i wait for my deposit to turn up. Loads of people seem to play Stars for the obvious reasons, but alot seem to do without the rakeback sites like Ipoker offer, surely there must be some decent returns for someone who 8-9 tables and puts in 20+ playing hours a week? If anyone reading this blog and can help let me know please!

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