Monday, 29 August 2011


Wow its been a long time since i posted or in fact even played poker seriously - so if i have any readers left heres what i been upto since my last post!
Shortly after my last post (maybe a week or two) i came to the conclusion that battling PLO donks, regs and beats was annoying the hell out of me, i couldn't find a regular site i like to play and that i could succesfully crush, was basicaly a poker nomad jumping around from site to site trying to settle down, i was still winning just not comfortable on any site i played, would of loved to get on 888 skin but somehow i have no knowledge of my password at all and their crap customer services helped very little! So i basically quit the game with a decent roll which i spent on the family!
I found myself playing World of Warcraft (played it on/off for a few years) the game is the worse thing a obsessive addict like me can do the spend his spare time, anything i do and i enjoy be it poker or sport i get addicted to, and Warcraft was my new 'fix'. After spending nearly wasting a year playing that dam game, i came to my senses a month ago and just totally quit in one day and i'll never return to it, its so addictive it makes you forget the outside world, family - everything, caused so many arguments between with the wife its was unreal, i'm one of them people where when i do something i do it full throttle and try to be the best i can, and Warcraft takes up so much time if you want to be the best.
So i've returned back to poker, this time i'm really focused and playing the game properly. I took a good few weeks to watch videos, read articles and watch the best players i know trying to learn how to improve my game and make my return successfull, spending 2-3 weeks organising before i deposited, I'm in a better mindset and totally focused to achiev what i wish from poker. So i found myself depositing on Sky poker (UK site for only UK players) its very fishy, not great for bonuses, so they reg grinders kind of give it a miss. I've chosen to grind the NL cash games and maybe the odd mtt when wanting a break. I deposited £40 and started at NL4 (lol high stakes, but if i'm gonna do it right i'm gonna do it right) so far i've grinded my roll up to £530+ playing cash only and currently playing NL20, kind of happy at this level as the players are pretty weak, and the new aggressive tight game i'm playing works well. Would be very happy to stay at this level for good if i can make a steady second income from it (currently 4 tabling) will decide after a few months of seeing how it goes, definitely not interested in going above NL50 as thats where the regs seems to hang out above. Spending a bit of time watching the cash play on sky channel too, hopefully pick up a few things along the way and learning who to avoid! Aiming to be more focused in September and push up the workrate, looking at aiming for 7-8k player points a month which pays £150 a month back as kind of rakeback, would be happy with that as profit a month pays a small car payment off each month, something to think about.
Time to sort the blog links out seems liek alot of others have quit blogging too.
Gl at the tables!

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